This work is painted from memory- it has the feeling of an enclosed scrub area. I go there to get lost. Once I discovered a snake skin whilst sitting there, another time I came across a wild pig with her babies in the same spot. It doesn’t feel like many people have ever sat here- it’s in a remote area – you can only reach it by foot. For years the creek that runs close to this was dry- it now has running water with small rapids.

I was trying to paint the feeling of looking through scrub and seeing glimpses of the creek through tea tree bush and spikey leaves.

Of course the work has fave influences of Cubism, geometry and Cezanne . It was exhibited in the Drop Shadow show at Flinders Street Gallery, Sydney and framed by Frameart Sydney.

Not available- Sold/ Private collection …. Gouache on art board- 73 x 83 cm framed

2022 – Works on art board- gouache

These works were painted as small studies – actually at the time they were not studies at all – I didn’t paint them to think about making other works from – they are works within themselves. They are reactions to light and space and atmosphere. The works represent impulsive and intuitive inspirations to paint.

Works available. Contact Lornagrear@hotmail.com or Flinders Street Gallery; flinderstgallery@bigpond.com

Gouache studies

After Thought Light Structure. Gouache on ply, 25 x 28 cm, 2022

I make lots of works plein-air or in the studio, using a range of materials. I love gouache for it’s ability to blend and mix with surprising results.

I’ll post more recent works after my show opens at Flinders Street Gallery; Saturday  June 4, 4-6pm.

Most my works are affordable ( for now! 🙂 and are available framed or unframed.

If you feel like starting a collection, please contact me.