Lorna has held numerous solo shows including at the The infamous Tailor Room Gallery, Sydney between 1998 – 2003, Peloton in 2005, 2009 and 2011 and Mop Projects in 2013. Other galleries include, Imperial slacks, Herringbone, SNO, Phatspace, Zitlip, Firstdraft and Mop Projects. Her work has been exhibited in the Portia Geach Memorial Prize, Fishers Ghost Art Award, Mosman Art Prize and the Liverpool Art Prize. Before this her time was spent in London initiating community arts groups, namely The Dolehouse Collective and Scarecrow Tiggy-  an artist run co-operative in Camberwell, London. She is a graduate of both Sydney College of the Arts and The National Art School. Lorna currently teaches art history and painting at TAFE ONE NSW. In 2012 Lorna curated an exhibition titled ‘The Baker’s Dozen’ for UTS Gallery which featured prominent Australian artists including Nike Savvas and Debra Dawes; other curated projects include Homefront at Sheffer Gallery and shows at the Exhibition Downing Centre in Sydney. Her last solo show, RANDOM, RANDOM was held at MOP Projects in Sydney.
Recently Lorna exhibited work in Seed Pod Universe; a selected group show at Sheffer Gallery, Sydney, November 2015, was a finalist in WAP, Stonevilla Studio Wearable Art Prize, Sydney, completed a post graduate in Design at Art and Design UNSW and judged the Liverpool Art Prize at Casula Powerhouse Sydney. She is currently working on a solo show for 2017 at Airspace Projects, Marrickville Sydney.
1987-93                     Toured Europe, lived and worked in London, England
1991 -93                    Established “Scarecrow Tiggy” Arts Co-Operative, London
1994 -96                    Diploma of Fine Arts. National Art School, Sydney
1998- 2000               BVA 1st Class Honours, Sydney College of the Arts, Sydney University, Sydney
2001-2003                 Master of Visual Art, Sydney College of the Arts, Sydney University, Sydney
2014                            Graduate Diploma of Design, UNSW Art and Design, UNSW
1997                            Selected Movements Alt, Surryhills Sydney
1998                          Body and Place The Tailor Room, Sydney
1999                          Numeralla Paintings, The Tailor Room, Sydney
2000                          System Paintings, The Tailor Room, Sydney
2001                          Touring Show, System Paintings, The Gallery Cafe,Syd
2002                          The Coloured Labyrinth, The Tailor Room, Sydney
2003                          The Coloured Labyrinth, SCA Gallery, Sydney
2005                          Eye Candy, Peloton, Sydney
2009                          CATCH, Peloton, Sydney
2011                          Stacked, Peloton, Sydney
2013                          Random Random MOP Projects, Sydney
1994                          Women, Howard Leonard Galleries, Sydney
1995                          Annual year show, Zitlip Gallery, Sydney
1995                          Paintings, Cell Block Theatre, NAS
1995                          Are We Going To Alice Springs, Cell Block, NAS
1996                          Greenpeace Art Prize, Bondi Pavilion, Sydney
1996                          Annual year show, Zitlip Gallery, Sydney
1996                          Third Year Combine, Stairwell Gallery, NAS
1996                          14.2 Part 1, Stairwell Gallery, NAS
1996                          Painting, Third group show,Cell Block Theatre, NAS
1996                          Castlemountain, group show,Cell Block Theatre, NAS
1997                          Triptych, Level Gallery, Sydney
1997                          Here Is A Fresh Egg, Zitlip Gallery, Sydney
1997                          S H Ervin Native Title Now, Sydney
1997                          Lorna Grear and Lucy Culliton, First Gallery, Sydney,
1997                          Alumni, National Art School Graduate show, NAS,
1997                          Crystallise,Gallery group show Zitlip Gallery, Sydney
1997                          Diptych Level Gallery,  Newtown, Sydney
1998                          Group show, SCA grads,Particle Gallery, Sydney
1998                          The Glebe Art Show,,Glebe Town Hall, Sydney
1998                          Jabiluka, Herringbone Gallery, Sydney
1998                          State of Flux 235 Nelson St, Annandale, Sydney
1998                          Nude Studies,Pine Street Group, The Craven, Sydney
1998                          Alumni National Art School Graduate show, NAS,
1999                          Figure Studies, Pine St Community Centre, Sydney
1999                          Drawn In, Select Group, Bondi Pavilion, Sydney
1999                          Brandling St Painters, Brandling St, Erskineville, Syd
1999                          Alumination, Alumni Students body, NAS, Sydney
1999                          The People Group. May St Gallery, Sydney
1999                          Graduate show, Sydney College of the Arts,  Sydney
2000                          Winners, curated Maria Cruz/,Mikala Dwyer, Newspace,
2000                          Article, Curated Yann Vignes, Regent St Sydney
2000                          Driver, curated by Maria Cruz & Mikala Dwyer, Newspace, SCA,  Rozelle
2000                          College 2000, Glebe Nursing College, Glebe, Sydney
2000                          The Blue Lotus Section, Billy Gruner, Joe’s, Sydney
2000                          One Last Show, Herringbone Gallery, Sydney
2000                          The Blue Lotus Section, Select show, Abstract Art, Rocket Art, Newcastle
2000                         Portia Geach Portrait Prize, SH Irvin  Sydney
2000                         Damian’s Antiques, Special Window Display, Stanmore Rd, Sydney
2000                         The Fleurieu Landscape Prize, Fleurieu Biennale Inc,McLaren Vale, SA
2000                        Walking T Street, The Thai Patong Rest, Newtown
2000                        The Degree Show. SCA, Rozelle, NSW
2000                        Fired Up, Fired Art Yearly Show, Gig’s Balmain, NSW
2001                        Artists/ Poets exhibition Tap Gallery, NSW
2001                        Article, Select Show, Woolloomooloo Wharf, NSW
2001                        Mosman Art Prize, Mosman Art Gallery, NSW
2001                        The Tutors Show, Waverley Woollahra Arts,  NSW
2001                        Damian’s Antiques, 2nd Window Display, Petersham
2001                        Last at First, ‘Nudies’,  First Gallery, Surryhills, NSW
2001                        Brandling Street Painters, Alexandria, NSW
2001                        Birchgrove Public School, select show, Balmain, NSW
2001                        Alumni,  National Art School, Sydney, NSW
2001                        Beazelel Art Exhibition, Mary Place Gallery, NSW
2002                        30, Select Group Show, Newspace.SCA,Sydney
2002                        Damian’s Antiques,, Petersham, Sydney
2002                        KAWA, 348a Crown St Surryhills, Sydney
2002                        Slacking Off, Imperial Slacks Final Show, Surryhills
2002                        Tutors, Waverley Woollahra ArtsCentre, Sydney
2002                        Alumination, NAS Alumni Show, Sydney
2002                        Glebe Youth Centre, New Gallery, Sydney
2002                        Masters Graduate Show, SCA, Sydney
2002                        Fund-raiser, Phatspace, Darlinghurst, Sydney
2003                        Royal Parade, 3rd Annual Directors Pick, First Draft
2003                        Colour Me Sideways, Phatspace,,Sydney
2003                        Walking The Street, Connect on King, Sydney
2003                        The Miniature, Phatspace, Sydney
2003                        Waverley Woollahra Arts Show, Sydney
2003                        Brandling St, Annual Painting Exhibition
2003                        Tutors Exhibition, TAFE, SWSI, Campbelltown
2003                        Alumination, National Art School, Cellblock, Sydney
2003                        AXS, Cellblock, National Art School, Sydney
2003                        Fishers Ghost Prize, Campbelltown City Art Gallery
2003                        Nonennui, Ultimo, Sydney
2003                        Phatspace, Auction , Sydney
2004                        Art Auction, The Tailor Room, Sydney
2004                        FONAS, select show, National Art School, Sydney
2004                        The Glebe Art Show, Benledi, Sydney
2004                        Annual Art Auction, Phatspace, Sydney
2005                        Art Auction, Adsteam Marine, Sydney
2005                        Glebe Art Show, Benledi, Sydney
2005                       Waverley Woollahra Art Prize, Sydney
2005                       TAFE.NSW. Staff exhibition, SWSI Institute
2005                      Drawcard, NAS, Cellblock, Sydney
2005                      ASX Reuters, FONAS. Pitt St , Sydney
2006                      Select show, The Drawing Show G @ A Studios, Syd
2006                      Broadway Café curated; Giles Ryder / Matthys Gerber
2006                      Post –It Select ,Peloton, curated;Tracey Clement
2006                      The Tip of The Iceberg, Sydney Artworld. Sydney
2006                      Fisher’s Ghost Art Prize, Campbelltown Arts Centre
2006                      Stone Villa, Crissie Cottier, Camperdown
2007                      Waverley Woollahra Arts Prize, WWAC, Sydney
2007                      Gallery 34, Picton, NSW
2007                      TAFE staff exhibition, Macarthur TAFE Gallery, NSW
2007                      Fishers Ghost Art Prize, Campbelltown Arts Centre
2007                      Echelon, Peloton, Sydney
2007                      Stone Villa, Chrissie Cottier, Camperdown
2008                      Drawcard, NAS, Sydney
2008                      Fundraiser MOP Projects
2008                      Stone Villa, Chrissie Cottier, Camperdown
2009                      5 Group, Sheffer Gallery, Sydney
2009                      Glebe Art Show, Sydney
2009                      Drawcard, NAS, Sydney
2009                      Scarborough Art Show,Scarborough
2009                      Liverpool Art Prize, Casula Powerhouse, Casula
2009                      Fishers Ghost Art Award, Campbelltown Arts Centre
2009                      SWSI, Macarthur Gallery, Campbelltown TAFE
2009                      DET, Staff SWSI, Bridge St, Sydney
2009                      Peloton, Sydney
2009                      Stone Villa Annual Fundraiser, Chrissie Cottier.
2010                      Constructs, SNO, curated by Giles Ryder.
2010                      Fisher’s Ghost Award Contemporary Section, Campbelltown Arts Centre
2010                      Glebe Art Show
2010                      Staff Show, Macarthur Gallery, Campbelltown College
2011                      Fisher’s Ghost Art Award, Campbelltown Arts Centre
2012                      The Baker’s Dozen, UTS Gallery
2012                      SWSI TAFE Downing Centre Exhibition Centre, Liverpool St, Sydney
2012                      Pyrmont Art Prize, Sydney
2012                      Gastro Porn, Curated by Alice Stokes, NG Gallery
2012                      Open / Contemporary  Section Fisher’s Ghost Award
2013                      Goodnight, Peloton, Sydney
2013                      Tutors show, Downing Centre Exhibition Centre, Sydney
2013                      Bradman Art Gallery, Bowral
2013                      Fisher’s Ghost Art Award, Campbelltown Arts Centre Open section
2014                      International Women’s Day Art Prize, See St Gallery, Meadowbank
2014                      Glebe Art show, Sydney
2014                      Fishers Ghost Art Award, Open and Contemporary Section
2014                      FOURPLAY, select group show; Freya Jobbins, Anney Bounpraseuth,                                      Rosie Deacon Sheffer Gallery, Sydney
2014                      SNO fundraiser, Gallery  9, Sydney
2015                      Downing Centre Exhibition Centre, Sydney,
2015                      Fisher’s Ghost Art Award- open section
2015                      Seed pod universe, Sheffer Gallery, Sydney
2016                     Conversations, Drawing Symposium, Hopper Gallery NAS, Sydney
2016                     Balmain Art Show, John Thierry, Sydney
2016                     Fisher’s Ghost Art Award, Open and works on paper section
2017- 2003           Teacher: painting/drawing, digital, art history, TAFE, SWSI,
2004-3                  Teacher painting, ESCC, Sydney
2004 -1                 Teacher painting & drawing WWAC Centre, Sydney
2002 -1                 Casual Lecturer, Foundation Drawing Sydney
2001                      College of the Arts, Sydney University, Rozelle, NSW
2003-1                   Teacher of Oil painting class, Fired Art, Sydney
2001-2                   Children’s Art workshops, holiday program, WWAC,
2001                      Travel London- The 13th London Contemp.Art Faiir
2001                      Certificate Three, Working With Children, TAFE.
2000-97                Community Arts teacher, Tom Foster, Marrickville
1999                       Local field trip to Numeralla, NSW. Research painting .
1998                      Art workshops and sculpture / painting installation Aboriginal Dreaming Festival, Pigeon House Mountain, Milton, NSW
1997                     Art workshops and sculpture / painting installation Aboriginal
                              Dreaming Festival, Pigeon House Mountain, Milton, NSW
1997                      Co-Operative Arts Initiative ‘ Here Is A Fresh Egg’
1996                      Co-ordinator of art workshops, Melaney Festival,  Qlds
1995- 97               Gallery  assistant, The Private Gallery,  Sydney
1995                     ‘Uluru and Back’ in art field trip; Uluru and Central Aust.
1993-91               ‘Scarecrow Tiggy’, manager and initiator of an artist run co-operative, Camberwell, London, England – a freelance arts business
1991-89                Dolehouse/Green Circus Productions. Facilitator of a live in warehouse, making the space available to the public through cafes, film nights, with  art and music studios, Peckham, London
1988                     ‘Leap’ A theatre project touring community centres and  youth clubs around England
1995                       William Fletcher Trust Art Grant
1997                       NAVA Marketing Scheme for ‘Here Is A Fresh Egg’
1997                       Pre Selection: Moet and Chandon Australian Art Award
1998                       Jerome De Costa Award, Sydney College of the Arts, Rozelle Sydney
1998                       Pre Selection: Moet and Chandon Australian Art Award
1999                       William Fletcher Trust Art Grant
2000                       NAVA Marketing Grant for System Paintings Show, The Tailor Room
2001                       SASCA funding grants, Sydney University, SCA.
2002                       SASCA funding grants, Sydney University, SCA
2012                       Curatorial grant for The Baker’s Dozen, UTS Gallery
2017                       Winner; Outstanding Teaching Practice, SWSI TAFE
2012                    Curated The Baker’s Dozen.  http://www.utsgallery.uts.edu.au/gallery/past/2012/thebakersdozen.html
2010                    Curatorial project- Homefront, Sheffer  http://www.sheffergallery.com/exhibitions/Homefront1/index.html
2009                     Untitled, Sheffer Gallery, Sydney
1997                     Co-Curated ‘ Here Is A Fresh Egg’ , Zitlip Gallery, Sydney
2000                      Profiles, Art Almanac, November 2000
2001                      Sunday Magazine, The Sunday Telegraph, May 13 2001. PG 36, Picture Perfect’. Photo by Peter Brennan.
2001                      Abstract Painting in Sydney From 1960. 5000 word research  paper, Sydney College of the Arts, Sydney
2002                     http://lornagrear.tripod.com
2003                     The Coloured Labyrinth 12,000 word research paper. SCA
2003                     Lenny Ann Low Sydney Morning Herald, Spectrum, Colour Me Sideways, Phatspace Low, p 11, February 1-2, 2003.
2004                     http://www.noborder.org/flottilla2004/news03
2005                     http://www.adsteam.com.au/announcements/pdf/050308
2005                     www.nas.edu.au/drawcard_2005/index.htm
2005                     http://www.visualarts.net.au/gallery/lornagrear
2005                     Profile, Art Almanac, November, 2005,
2007-8                TAFE Campbelltown Art School-                                                                                             http://www.swsi.tafensw.edu.au/aboutswsi/colleges/artschool.aspx
2009                      Open Gallery, SMH, Recommended, CATCH at Peloton.
2009                       NAVA webpage-   http://www.visualarts.net.au/gallery/lornagrear.
2011                       http://peloton.net.au/a/lorna-grear
2012                       Curatorial project; http://www.altmedia.net.au/bakers-dozen/50520/
2012                       Curatorial project;  http://www.utsgallery.uts.edu.au/gallery/past/2012/thebakersdozen.html
2012                       http://newsroom.uts.edu.au/events/2012/03/gallery-exhibition-opening-the-bakers-dozen
2013                       http://www.artabase.net/exhibition/3458
2015                       https://lornagrear.com/.
2015                       http://www.visualarts.net.au/gallery/lornagrear/
2015                       http://www.artlib.com.au/artist/lorna-grear
Lorna Grear
Insta Lorna Grear

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