Fourplay 2014= Freya Jobbins, Annie Bounpraseuth, Rosie Deacon, Lorna Grear

JFourplay- The artful play of making, building and colourising. These four artists play with materials to create delightfully seductive art objects. Anney Bounpraseuth reuses popular culture to tease us with exquisite images, Lorna Grear recycles domestic and commercial materials to make work grounded in an intuitive and material process; Freya Jobbin’s wonderfully crafted sculptures seduce you with irony and humour. Lastly Rosie Deacon constructs spirited installations which will surprise you with a physical, textural focus.
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The Baker’s Dozen at UTS Gallery

The Baker’s Dozen 6 March – 5 April
Opening Tuesday 6 March 6-8pm

The Baker’s Dozen celebrates new directions in geometric abstraction and spatial relationships by some of Australia‘s most dynamic artists. Through confident and colourful works, considerations of movements such as Neo Geo and Formalism give way to underlying intuitive processes and the pleasure of artmaking.

Drawing on the domestic vernacular for the arrangement of the works, curator Lorna Grear has created an inviting space for exploring the “ideas of social, political and cultural exchange embedded within the works.”

Featuring painting, collage, sculpture and installation by 12 established and emerging artists (with one more thrown in for good measure) The Baker’s Dozen includes work by Vivienne Binns, Bonita Bub, Debra Dawes, Lynne Eastaway, Lesley Giovanelli, Elizabeth Gower, Lorna Grear, Lisa Jones, Elizabeth Pulie, Nike Savvas, Gemma Smith, Kerry Smith and Samantha Whittingham.