Zeinab Alizadeh Fard, Lorna Grear, Ben Rak, Naomi Bishop

9 – 25 August 2019

 Working primarily within the practices of painting and printmedia, each of these artists aim to create their own visual language through the use of different motifs, geometric elements, graphic designs and metaphysics to explore their own personal journeys and the mysterious nature of the unexplained, unexplored and otherworldly sensations. Their works also explore the blurring of genuine and performed gestures, the displacement of mark making and originality and employ an element of chance based processes through the movement of paint, print, light and shadow, pushing the boundaries of what can be achieved on a two dimensional surface.

Zeinab Alizadeh FardTHE MAP TO PERSONAL TRANSMUTATION” The three-year body of work represents the way of transformation and the exploration into the source. There is a sequence of tasks represented by each art piece and there are nine courses along the way that one needs to pass deliberately with a compass. All the nine art works are based on different and powerful tools of the Persian geometry and symbolic animals. She uses this as a guideline for change and transmutation.

Ben Rak Ben’s practice is an attempt to develop a conceptual, visual language, which metaphorically explores the identity politics of otherness and the act of ‘passing’ as somebody else. He positions mechanically and autographically generated elements in diametric opposition on the same image plane, defying the viewers expectation of what is reproduced and what is authentic, blurring the lines between genuine and performed gestures, and to what lengths the artist must go to displace the origin of the marks and successfully ‘pass’ himself as the original.

Lorna Grear Uses paintings and graphic designs to emphasise ideas of process, order and the painterly sensation. Paralands – her latest body of work – is a play on the idea of paradise and landscape, interested in the playscape of the imagination, these images also have a connection of the metaphysical, using a type of ‘mandala’ to represent the universe. This series is a celebration of animals (dogs) as a simple, uncomplicated motif immersed in patterns which could suggest truth, honesty and a spiritual sense of wellbeing. Many cultures have used the Dog as a form which symbolized guidance, protection, loyalty, fidelity, faithfulness, alertness and love. Animals teach us about unconventional communication, reminding us of the varied languages available to us for expression- psychic, body language, music, symbolic and visual.

Naomi Bishop The unexplained and unexplored are recurring themes in her work. She is interested in exploring darkness, silence, mysterious events and peripheral landscapes and otherworldly places. Is interested in the ways we are shaped by the natural environment and the ways in which natural and celestial phenomena are interpreted and developed into belief systems.



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